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Sea Life Park – Well, they’ve recorded and personally I don’t think that even the biggest SLP fan is going to be prepared for the quality of this release. Still being mixed and yet to be mastered, this new album says goodbye to lo-fi. And both Stef and I are thinking this is a good thing. It’s due for release on March 19 (at least that’s the date I have written in my diary), which means we’ve all got some work to do, but we’re getting there. The Parkas will be playing shows in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney in support of the release of this one, and most of these shows will be with Brisbane’s Gota Cola. Keep an eye on the shows page, it’s a little too early to share exact dates, although we can safely say that they will be in Brisbane the weekend of March 23, that the Sydney launch will be on March 30 at the Hopetoun, and that the Parkas will be venturing to Melbourne on the first weekend in April.

el Mopa – The Mopa played to an appreciative audience in Cowra this past weekend and even tho’ I have been witness to countless Mopa shows – never, ever before this weekend – have I witnessed ACTUAL NUDITY inspired by an el Mopa performance. Seems the heady combination of heat, rock and audience encouragement was too much for one young Cowra fan. Only one song into their set she shed her clothes and spent the rest of the evening flaunting her body in front of band and audience alike. Our respect to the Mopa for their decorum and professionalism despite this flagrant display of nudity. But one has to ask: What kind of material is that Simon Wooldridge writing?

el Mopa have a couple of shows booked in with The Rebel Astronauts and Purplene who are launching their split 7″ which is out on Steadycam. Sydney folk can see them on Thursday February 15 at the Hopetoun with a show in Newcastle the following week on Feb 23. Don’t worry, we’ll remind you.

Sounds Like Sunset – if the big wigs at Modular play their cards right Sounds Like Sunset could well have a single to radio in March. Some of you will have heard it already in their countless live shows, this one’s called ‘each time you smile’. And yes, it precedes their much anticipated debut album, which should be available in April (hot on the heels of Sea Life Park).

While y’re waiting for the long awaited LP, you might want to tune into Dave Challinor’s radio show ‘Joyful Noise’ broadcasting out of the NSW central coast on community radio pcr fm, 93.3, 6pm on Sundays. If you’re geographically well situated of course.

Jesus, these things are getting longer and longer. Sorry kids, but I think that’s a good thing.

Too tired for hugs n kisses but we hope y’re well…

Mel and Stef and the QSR Art Director (who incidentally just got accepted into a Bachelor of Design Computing… yaaaay!)


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